About Our Chicken


We are proud to be serving FreeBird®chicken as our namesake product. We’ve met the farmers and seen the farms with our own eyes and firmly believe that our chicken tastes the way it does because of the tremendous care the farmers have for the birds. 


FreeBird® chicken is locally sourced from family farms on the rolling countryside of Pennsylvania’s Amish Country. Our chicken is raised on an all-vegetarian diet, without animal by-products, and is never, ever given antibiotics, added growth hormones or steroids.* The birds are humanely raised** and roam freely in sprawling barns.


All FreeBird® chickens are vegetarians raised on a unique recipe of pure sun-ripened corn and soybeans. It’s completely free of all animal byproducts. Better feed means better flavor as the birds absorb flavors from their food. 


Another distinct characteristic of our chicken is that they are raised in a humane** and stress-free environment with room to roam in spacious barns, free to eat and drink on their own schedules.


The FreeBird® farms have on-staff animal welfare specialists who are certified Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO) and perform internal human handling audits at the family farms, during transport, and at processing facilities. Additionally, the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step ratings for third-party verification at the family farms are used to ensure that all birds, at any stage of their lives, are free from harm and living in an environment that is clean and safe. Fields Good Chicken serves chicken that has achieved Step 2 Global Animal Partnership certification. Chickens raised in Step 2 systems live free of cages, crates and crowding. They are provided space to express natural behavior and an enriched environment including the provision of natural light.


*Federal regulations prohibit the use of added growth hormones and steroids in poultry.

**Meets FreeBird® brand’s humane policy of raising poultry in a stress-free environment.