1. Make a Positive Impact
  2. Communicate honestly (No BS)
  3. Bulid relationships & be people minded
  4. Stay balanced
  5. Be adventurous

Life is more meaningful and more fun when shared with others. We believe that connection with others creates happiness and that our teams should feel like our family. But we know that doesn’t come easily. It requires working hard at relationships that are built on trust, respect, commitment, and integrity. To do this, we have to communicate openly, honestly, and often. We have to treat each other with kindness and forgive easily. Every day at FGC is a shared experience for our teams, our guests, and our vendors. We are all connected by working together and for each other.

Embracing these connections and building them into relationships is where teamwork comes from. And nothing feels better than being part of a team that just clicks.

Beyond building relationships, we have to be people minded. This means putting others before yourself and putting people before the company. We believe the best way to make decisions is to start with the needs and best interests of our teams and guests, and workbackwards from there. We believe in celebrating individuality and welcoming unique personalities into our family.