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The Fields Good Chicken Story

Field’s adventure began after failing to become a professional cyclist and returning to his love of cooking. He filled the fridge in his New York apartment with brines and marinades, blasted the Rolling Stones, and set out to make the perfect chicken.

When he traded in his racing jersey for his apron, he had the urban adventurer firmly in mind – the young professional working late and still finding the time and energy to get to the gym, the weekend warrior training for their next 5K, the do-it-all commuter who is trying to eat right and is squeezed for time.

Today he continues to feed thousands of New Yorkers at Fields Good Chicken locations across Manhattan that feature the four chicken styles that crafted in his own kitchen making it easy and enjoyable to eat well.

Fields Good Chicken is your go-to chicken restaurant serving soul warming health food for lunch and dinner.

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Field Failing learns how to ride a bike and quickly becomes addicted to the freedom that comes on two wheels.


Field thrives in the chemistry lab at Cornell, foreshadowing his recipe creation approach for Fields Good Chicken.


Determined to find a way to spend his days doing something he loved, Field quits his desk job and moves to Colorado to attempt to become a professional cyclist. As an athlete in need of healthy and nutritious meals he is never satisfied with the available food options, especially the chicken.

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Racing season is over and Field gets a job in the kitchen of a restaurant on Nantucket. He falls in love with the energy in the back of house. From this moment on Field knows he wants to spend his life working in restaurants.


Field’s time as an athlete concludes and he enrolls in business school back at Cornell never forgetting the chicken problem haunted him in Colorado. It’s over spring break the Rolling Stones fan reads Keith Richard’s biography and decides to open his own restaurant.  


Field moves to NYC with his heart set on two things: a girl he met in Ithaca named Christina and starting Fields Good Chicken. He fills his fridge with jars of brine and marinade and for months and months he would tweaks recipes. Field takes a scientific approach to these concoctions and his kitchen becomes a lab.

Throughout the menu creation process, Christina repeatedly asks Field to make her a specific kale salad. Field secretly names the salad “Christina’s Kale” which she learns when the menus were being chalked for the first time in the store.



Field and Christina get married and the first Fields Good Chicken opened its doors on Maiden Lane in the Financial District of Manhattan.


Field and Christina spend hours in the kitchen adjusting recipes based on customer feedback, friend’s suggestions, personal tastes, and trial and error. The chalkboard menu board is constantly being updated.


Three more Fields Good Chicken locations opened across Manhattan. FGC becomes entirely wind powered and converts all packing to be 100% recyclable and compostable.



The Fields Good Chicken family grows by one. Meet James, the youngest of the flock.


FGC is your go-to chicken restaurant serving soul warming health food for lunch and dinner.

The Fields Good Team

Field Failing  Founder & CEO

Field Failing
Founder & CEO

Dan Jackson  Director of Culinary

Dan Jackson
Director of Culinary

Ryan K  ilgariff  Director of Operations 

Ryan Kilgariff
Director of Operations 

Sophia Van Doren  Director of Training

Sophia Van Doren
Director of Training

Phoebe Pundyk  Director of Marketing

Phoebe Pundyk
Director of Marketing

Nina Kocher  Director of Catering and Events

Nina Kocher
Director of Catering and Events