About our Chicken


We proudly source antibiotic free, humanely raised chicken directly from Cascun Farm, a women majority owned, family run business in Greene, NY. Andrea and Don Cascun are as passionate about chicken as we are. We firmly believe that our chicken tastes the way it does because of the tremendous care the farmers have for the birds.


Antibiotic + Hormone Free Birds

Our chicken is raised on an all-vegetarian diet, without animal by-products, and is never, ever given antibiotics, added growth hormones or steroids.

Soybeans growing on the farm for feed.

Soybeans growing on the farm for feed.

Vegetarian Fed

 All Cascun Farm chickens are vegetarians raised on a unique recipe of pure sun-ripened corn and soybeans. It’s completely free of all animal byproducts. Better feed means better flavor as the birds absorb flavors from their food.



Humanely Raised

Every Summer they pasture raise their birds on 125 acres of pesticide and herbicide free grass and during the remainder of the year their birds are raised cage free in barns to protect them from the elements.